Cost Cutting Tips When Building a Garden Shed

Garden ShedWhen building a garden shed the cost can be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. When your budget is tight you need to make cost saving decisions. While cutting costs can save your money but not making the right decisions will mean that you will spend more in the long term. In this article we will look at a few good cost cutting decisions you can make when building your shed.

Wood Is Cost Effective

The most cost effective material is wood for building a garden shed. Using wood as your building material means your money on tools plus wood is cheaper than other materials. Wood is also easier to work with which is great for a newbie builder. However, there are various types of wood and depending on your budget you can choose the type which suits your project the best. If you’re looking for durability then invest in high quality wood. You should also invest in finishing your wood shed with paint to protect it in the long term.

Lean To ShedBuild a ‘Lean to’ shed

A ‘lean to’ shed can help you save money on construction. Since it leans on part of your home you can do without adding a 4th wall. However, when building a wooden lean to shed always make sure to follow a good set of pans. The right building plans will ensure that your structure is durable and long lasting. Another great thing about a lean to shed is that its power can come directly from your home. You’ll save money on extensive wiring and fixtures in your shed.

The Right Wood Shed Building Plans

This may not be instantly obvious but the right shed building plans can save you money. Selecting a set of plans which have been drafted by an expert means that you’ll spend less time making mistakes. You will also not waste material on mistakes. The reduction of trial and error will save you time and money. Well detailed wood shed building plans will clearly outline everything you need to do. Everything is described in a step by step manner which makes the process easy and less expensive.

Renting Building Tools

Purchasing wood working tools like a power saw, electric drill and screw driver etc. can cost a few hundred dollars. However, if you do not work with wood on a regular basis there is no point to spend money purchasing tools. A more cost effective way would be to rent the tools you need. If you’re going to work over the weekend you can rent tools like a power saw and drill for a few dollars. Once you’re done you simply return the tools. This will help you work smart and save money in the process.


When building a garden shed it pays to be smart about it. The right shed plans and the right cost cutting strategy means that you’ll be able to build you shed on a budget. However, you probably wouldn’t want to skimp on things like good material. This is because good material is the key to a long lasting shed which itself saves you money in the long term.


  1. Billy says

    I have established a budget for my shed building project based on what you have suggested in this article. I agree that I should not cut cost on the wood for the shed. I plan to use quality wood so the shed will stand for many years.

    • says

      I so glad that the cost cutting post provided you will adequate information to develop a budget for you shed building project. Make sure to use pressure treating wood for the foundation and shed floor for the shed to last many many years.

  2. says

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