Build A Secure Garden Shed Door

When the majority of people construct a shed it is usually to store items and they rarely give the garden shed door a second thought. With that being said you definitely do not need someone to easily open your relatively flimsy door on your garden shed and leave with items belonging to you.

Garden Shed DoorYou would do better putting all the things in a yard sale and earn some money rather than putting all your energy into constructing a garden storage shed. For this reason it seems sensible to pay some effort and time in constructing a durable door which could be securely attached to the shed. When purchasing a pre manufactured door then ensure that it’s the strongest door available.

The Shed’s Weakest Link

The shed’s weakest link is usually the garden storage shed doors and the door hinges that can become lose due to holes that develop over time. Most of these holes happen when things bang into the door and the door slamming as a result of high winds. For this reason you might want to ensure your door is large enough to allow for moving in and taking out large items.

You’ll want to use several heavy duty door hinges with a maximum spacing of 2 inch between them. It will help to distribute the load of the door uniformly over the frame of the garden shed and minimize the likelihood of your door not opening properly or falling off.

Build Your Own Shed Door

Whenever you build your own garden shed door be sure to select good lumber. You can select either rough cut or finish lumber but the crucial thing to bear in mind is to suit your needs by making sure the lumber is completely dry to prevent shrinkage as much as an inch inside a couple of days or weeks. It is best to use 1 inch thick lumber for building your door.

Now it is time to measure the door frame (for a good fit) and cut the raw boards to the exact size. Make sure to put the boards that are cut out against the door frame to make one last measurement. Now it is time to cut the lumber that will be used for bracing the door. Typically, 3 pieces ought to be enough since one goes across the door top, one goes on the bottom, and the longer piece fits corner to corner forming a ‘Z’ shape. Now you should either nail or glue the 3 pieces together.

The last step is to measure the jamb for the correct place for installing the hinges for the door. Now simply attach the hinges with screws to the door frame and then to the door. After that you can complete door off with a preselected handle or latch with a door lock. If you reside in a especially damp area ensure that you apply a couple coats of weather shielding paint. To top things off apply some oil paint that will provide the door with a lovely shine.


Aside from adding a wooden door to your shed you could choose a sturdy metal door. But, metal doors are quite expensive and might require you to weld the door to the hinges. Furthermore you should make sure the door is not too heavy because if it is it may become lose over time and move away from the door frame requiring a repair.

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  1. Tim says

    Thanks for sharing these important aspects for securing the shed door. I did not think about the shed door as the weakest link. Thanks for point it out.

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